Our Story


Annual Revenue Crossed INR 2 Billion Mark

Another milestone achieved. And with our therapy-centric business model, deep understanding of chronic segments, an eye for innovation and above all a very young, dynamic & motivated team, we are confident that Septalyst is poised for tremendous growth.


Awarded The "Fastest Growing Company in CNS Segment"

In the very 3rd year, our CNS division made us feel proud, when we got the award for The Fastest Growing Company in CNS Segment in India. We were in news again, this time in the Neuro-Psychiatry space.


Launched First Patented Product - KOBACAR

First fruit of our R&D efforts Kobacar. An ultimate game changer & a research oriented patented product for the unmet needs of the stroke patients.


Awarded The "Fastest Growing Nephrology Company"

Our hard work, consistency & quality was finally rewarded in the 7th year of our exciting journey as Septalyst was awarded The Fastest Growing Nephrology Company of India. From Drug Maker now we were News Maker.


Launched CNS Division

In line with our ambitious growth plan, Septalyst made it's foray into another chronic segment Neuro-Psychiatry with CNS Division.


"Synprotik" Became A 10 Crore Brand

Unique composition, concept level aggressive promotion & 100% cold chain throughout the supply chain lead to the creation of a Super Brand: Synprotik - Market Leader in its category.


Dream Turned Into Reality

With a dream to change the face of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, by providing high quality innovative products at affordable prices and committed services, we launched Indian operations with our flagship division-Nephrology